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by | Jun 9, 2020

The need…

After years in the industry,’s owner Mitch Holt had developed some great services for Amazon sellers to help increase their profitability.  Mitch had already signed on with a marketing team to push awareness of his services, but quickly realized he needed a better way to automate the invoicing and onboarding of new clients.  Most importantly need a way to keep the conversion process both simple and trackable.

The flow…

We developed a simple workflow using both WordPress and Gravity Forms that would take the user from the landing page to onboarding in 5 simple steps.  We have listed the steps below.   

WordPress Funnel Step 1

Step 1 - Landing Page

The client is taken to the landing page including a shortlist of service options.

WordPress Funnel Step 2

Step 2 - Action

The client selects the service they need from a short list.

WordPress Funnel Step 3

Step 3 - Register

The client completes the registration form which is also hooked into the company’s payment gateway to receive credit card transactions.

WordPress Funnel Step 4

Step 4 - Tracking

The client is sent to a Thank You page which allows the analytics platform to track the successful completion of a sale and encourages the client to connect with the company on social media.

Next Steps Email

Step 5 - Follow-Up

The client is sent a branded email with links to the proper follow-up onboarding documents reducing the manual communication that previously depended on employees.

The results…

As a result of utilizing such a simple workflow, is seeing an increase in their daily registrations and improved efficiency in their staff’s time.  At this point, the website is paying for itself multiple times over every day.

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