Katherine Pittman Photography

by | Jun 8, 2017

The Project

Katherine Pittman reached out to me recently to do a complete overhaul on her website. Tired of dealing with unnecessarily complex themes, she wanted a new look with a ton of white space and simple framing, to feature her photography first.  After pouring over a handful of looks she landed on a very clear style.


Functionality requirements included fully responsive galleries, a simple contact form, and embedding the login form for her client galleries.


The challenge with this was turning out good SEO. Galleries and photos look amazing when you deal with a pro photographer, but SEO requires text.  Unfortunately, the whole “A picture is worth a thousand words” idea still hasn’t caught on with Google’s indexing bots. To overcome this potential challenge I employed many of the standard practices outlined in a great article by YOAST COO and Co-Founder Michiel Heijmans titled “Image SEO – Optimizing Images for Search Engines“.

Image SEO Article Yoast


Today, two weeks after our initial meeting I was able to migrate the site to Katherine’s WordPress host and go live.  She’s thrilled with a site that showcases her work rather than someone else’s theme, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being able to quickly turn around a site for such an enthusiastic client.


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