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by | Jun 7, 2019

When Joiner Family Dental was in need of a new website they reached out to Aaron Biby Web Services to build it. Their goal was to have a website that would highlight their friendly staff, extensive services, and give future potential clients a way to connect with them.

In order to accomplish the goal, I built the site beginning with wireframing, then moved to a mockup, and finally the finished design of the site. I used this workflow to assist the contracted photographer as well as my copy text writer. It helps to reduce unnecessary costs when your content contributors know exactly what is needed for the final site.

One of the benefits I offer my clients is the extensive network of artists, photographers, developers, and copy text writers I work with. As such, I was able to contract a copywriter that also had a technical background in dentistry. She did a fantastic job writing technically for the services, but also bringing a personal feel to the website by interviewing the entire staff and providing profile descriptions for every one. The tone of the site was spot on.

Being a service provider in a community means word of mouth referrals are key. One of the easiest ways to do this on a website is with reviews. To help support the claims of the copytext I set up the site to pull live reviews from their Google My Business account. This provides social proof for potential new clients and encourages existing clients to offer their reviews as well.

Here is what Dr. Terry Joiner had to say about his experience with Aaron Biby Web Design:

Excellent service, trustworthy, reliable. He did a great job setting up my business website. He was detail oriented and I was very pleased with the outcome. Highly recommended!!!!

As a part of our initial discovery conversations it was clear that like so many businesses, the Joiner Family Dental office wanted to remain focussed on their business, not the business of web design and development. Makes sense! To ensure the Joiner Family Dental website would continue to run optimally and have the confidence that the technical piece of the site was being handled professionally, Dr. Terry Joiner made the decision to sign up for my Website Health Plan.

To date, Joiner Family Dental continues to receive regular submissions to their contact form, including new client inquiries. They also receive positive reviews through Google My Business.

If you are a dentist or service related business owner and need a new website or maybe just help with getting noticed through your existing website, feel free to contact me to get the conversation started.


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