Doctor Stillwater Company

by | Apr 2, 2018

Dr. Stillwater Company has been faithfully serving the Rock River Valley community since 1987. Their commitment to provide pure steam distilled drinking water to a city that houses a super fund site has been a noble and sustainable business model. While doing business in person and over the phone had established a solid and loyal customer base, Dr. Stillwater Company was just as aware that young families are increasingly looking to the internet for resources and businesses to educate themselves and meet their bottled water and water filtration needs. In order to reach these families as well as other future potential clients, Dr. Stillwater Company contracted me to create a new website that would feature their products, services, and help to educate the Rock River Valley community. The website was designed with the WordPress CMS and Divi Builder plugin in order to create a site that could be maintained in house by the staff. Their new website is a natural extension of the already successful business Dr. Stillwater Company has established and I was glad to be hired to provide the design for such a community and family focussed company.


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