Automatic Feeder Company

by | Jun 10, 2019

Automatic Feeder Company Inc. is known for their conveyor systems and service many industries.  Their previous website was built in house by a member of their staff to provide equipment specs to potential clients.  The static site was built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and while it functioned well, it needed to move to a platform that would easily allow them to add content in the future.  Additionally the site wasn’t truly mobile responsive and lacked the SEO content needed to help them rank for the keywords associated with their products and industry.  

To simplify the project we decided to copy all the existing PDF content from the internal website over to a fresh install on our favorite Managed WordPress host, Flywheel.  Automatic Feeder had already signed up for one of our Website Health Plans so their hosting was already covered.  After that I brought over the newest versions of the existing Javascript libraries they were using in the site to make all of their nested tabs work.  Finally I added quite a bit of custom styling to get the WordPress theme to mimic the look of the old site.

There were a few big wins for the client in this project.

1. The site is now hosted in the cloud and managed by Aaron Biby taking the bandwidth and resource requirements of hosting a site off of their internal servers.

2. The site is now fully mobile responsive and contains the basic on-page and local SEO to help improve their search rankings.

3. With the site now built on WordPress and hosted in Flywheel we are able to extend the functionality of the site from a true development environment and integrate features like in-bound marketing campaigns through blog posts and video content without having to work about unnecessary development and resource costs.



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