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After years in the industry, TaxExemptions.ca’s owner Mitch Holt had developed some great services for Amazon sellers to help increase their profitability. Mitch had already signed on with a marketing team to push awareness of his services, but quickly realized he needed a better way to automate the invoicing and onboarding of new clients.

Joiner Family Dental

When Dr. Terry Joiner started Joiner Family Dental he knew he needed a website that would help his office and services be discovered by his local community. Aaron Biby Web Services was contracted to build a new WordPress Website that would convert searches into new clients.

Mom’s Day Out Childcare

Mom’s Day Out is a local childcare provider who needed a brand refresh.  Along with the new brand they contracted Aaron Biby to build a website that would incorporate their new style guide and offer parents a way to register for classes and keep up with the school calendar.

Katherine Pittman Photography

As a photographer Katherine Pittman is brilliant at what she does.  When it came time to build a new website she needed someone who understood the importance of high quality imagery that could also load quickly and convert interest into bookings.

Village Church (Multi-Campus Website)

Village Church is located in a community outside of Chicago that is growing rapidly.  They had a great content plan to attract new residents, but the constraints of their old CMS platform prevented them from being able to get content online quickly.  

Kinduet Home Inspections Inc.

Trevor Karns, owner of Kinduet Home Inspections Inc had over 30 years experience in the industry, but was stepping out on his own for the very first time, and needed a website built quickly, that wouldn’t break the bank, but propel his new business forward.

Is your client's site backed up?

Daily backups are critical for the security and reliability of your website!  Daily backups are just one of the many things you’ll love about our website health plans.  Learn more about the benefits of having a pro handle the technical details of your client’s website so you can get back to doing the things you love.

Bridges Community Church

Bridges Community Church is located in the city of Fremont, CA just across the bay from San Fransisco, and based on the unique community they serve, their staff needed someone who could partner with them in the small and large development jobs for their website.

Dr. Stillwater Company

A bottled water delivery service with a passion for the health of their community and a business owner different from any you’ve experienced, needed a website that would promote their products and services and educate their community on the hazards of unsafe water.

Automatic Feeder Company

Automatic Feeder Company had been hosting their static website in house on their own servers.  In order to free up local resources and move to a reliable and scalable CMS they needed someone to port over their HTML, CSS and JS to a new WordPress website.

First Free Rockford

First Free Rockford is church that is over 130 years old but has maintained an ongoing relevance through its content and community support.  The one thing that wasn’t relevant was their website.  I was thrilled for the opportunity to extend their great community online.

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